Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Flash Memory

If people who lived in America as recently as 75 to 100 years ago were able to resurrect themselves and return to earth – and to the United States – they would be overwhelmed by the changes that have taken place. Science and technology has led to the development of remarkable products that make life easier for all of us – in our homes … at work … and, especially, in the area of communication.

It really is amazing. As recently as twenty-five years ago, computers existed, but a single computer filled an entire room and it was slower, much slower, than the common desktop computer we all take for granted today. And the personal computer had not yet found its way on to store shelves.

Flash MemoryThe Internet, itself, is only two decades old, perhaps slightly longer. It, of course, revolutionized commerce, the flow of information, the way business is conducted … and much, much more. In fact, it is in the area of communication where much of the technology and science has been centered.

Just over fifteen years ago, in 1994, a company named SanDisk devised a way to upgrade computer storage technology. This forward-looking company invented the Computer Flash Card, a simple, portable electronic device that is, in actuality, a memory card that uses different kinds of drives, such as a “solid state” drive for the storage and transfer of data, including photographs and music, from a variety of digital products directly to a personal computer.

It performs this “magic” without the aid of wires, direct access to electricity for power … literally without any other kind of power source, as well. In fact, this amazing electronic device is able to capture, store and maintain lots of memory – without electric power – simply because it is non-volatile. Clearly, this is space age technology, now alive and well – and helping people – in the early years of the 21st Century.

This ability to effectively utilize Flash Memory has found millions of adherents and supporters among American consumers. People love this incredible technology because it is so portable and also because it works so well.

Imagine why consumers feel that way. If you had access to Flash Memory and a Digital Camera, you could take photographs while far from home … store them … save then … and, when the mood struck you – transfer them electronically from your remote location – directly to your personal desktop or laptop computer.

Now … that is incredible technology … almost the equivalent of a magician’s “sleight-of-hand” magic in front of a live audience. It’s not too much of a reach think of a professional magician saying to his audience: “Look, no hands “… as an instant later, a photograph shifts from one device to another. That is basically how Compact Flash Card technology and, more importantly, Flash Memory work.

We are all fortunate to live in a time when technology exposes us to remarkable new advances in products that make our lives easier. Let’s hope it never ends.